Segmented (Honduran) Mahogany 14"x6.5" Snare?


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So... what do you think of a 14"x6.5", segmented shell, mahogany snare drum?
What type of characteristics would this drum have?
What 'sound' would it embody?
How might it compare to a 14"x6.5" hammered brass or bronze Black Beauty?

Been trying to decide on a nice snare drum for 10 years or so... at this point I really need to make a move. I've narrowed down my choices to the above snare drums with my ears. But so much of it is the room, the tuning, the heads/snares, the sticks, the music, the drumset/cymbals etc. I'm just curious for some worldly opinions. I play jazz for the most part. Small clubs/restaurants/bars. Rarely mic'ed. I like the sound of players like Jeff Watts, Ari Hoenig, Brian Blade, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams. All of those guys. But I'm trying to develop a unique sound also. A little perspective might be helpful.

Thank You!


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Hi eardrum, i love mahogany and play jazz also like you.
I would go with stave shell, i think it is more solid than segmented shell.
you can also ask UniX (Francois), he makes segmented and stave shells and i think he loves more stave, it give you i think more compact sound and it has better tuning range.
I have Slingerland Artist Radioking 14x5,5(solid shell-maple) and Slingerland Soundking brass 14x6,5. For me wooden Radioking works better for jazz, i would also recommend you to look for used old Radioking or maybe Holywood ace(mahogany-poplar-mahogany) or if you are lucky maybe you find old solid one ply mahogany snare from Sling.,Ludwig,Leedy or Premier. It would be maybe expensive but then you have something what is ultimative in sound that you are searching for. cheers


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Either Mahogany or Walnut would be a good choice for jazz. Both are warm and rich woods.

And I'm with Slingerland freak... go stave. There's less glue used so you get lots of beautiful wood tone. I just picked up a stave bubinga kit with matching segment wood hoops by Frank at Unix, and it's absolutely out of this world.

Stave is as sensitive as a steel shell... but with all the warmth and depth of a wood shell. They also have a much wider tuning range than ply or steel shells too. match that up with some wood hoops and you've got a freaking sweet drum.