Seeking advice on how to improve my acoustic setup. Thanks :)


Hey guys!

I usually play a Roland e-kit these days, but I have an acoustic kit that I use for gigging as well.
Since I'm not as used to playing on an acoustic kit, I was looking for advice on how to improve my setup/make it more ergonomic.

I have kit pics here:
Thanks so much! :)


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Just by the looks of things, I'd say you're pretty close. What discomfort are you feeling? If it was my kit, I'd pull the hats in a bit, to where the edge go the HH is almost above the snare hoop, put the rack tom on a snare stand, so I could get in in a straight line in front of me and the snare and a bit lower. That'd also help pull the ride in a bit closer too. I'd just make sure I could relax my arms to my side, hit the center of the snare, then twist and hit the center of the FT without reaching. The rack top should be nicely within reach without stretching too far. If that feels comfortable enough, you should be good to go.

Generally, you start with the pedals being exactly where you're comfortable, then build the rest around the hats and BD. I just follow the logic above from there. Can't tell where the throne is, or how tall you are, but you you want the top of your legs at a slight angle downward from your hip to knee. All that should just feel natural, so adjust till it does. Hope that helps.


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A couple of other things I've learned along the way:

1) Take your time when setting up each piece. Especially the throne and bass pedal. Actually play the bass drum for a bit. Adjust your throne a bit if you have to. Play some more. You don't want to have to adjust your throne after you've set up the whole kit, because you may find that you have to adjust everything, again. Get it right the first time. Take your time.

2) When adjusting heights, distances, angles, etc., 1" can make a big difference. When moving a stand, look at the floor where the stands sits to see how far you are moving it.


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Everything seems fine. Though I would move the rack tom closer to you, and higher too, because, on the picture, It seems to touch the bass drum shell. With time, you’ll rearrange the hat and ride height and position to your liking.


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I think you're just suffering from "E-drum syndrome" (a totally real medical condition 😉) whereby you've become accustomed to the versatility of e-drums as far as placement goes (eg smaller pads in place of full size toms).

I went through the same thing when going from a Roland pad to an A2E kit.
I don't really see how much more ergonomic you could make this setup (especially for a 4-piece) other than the suggestions already made.