See me and my band making fools of ourselves!


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Yes, about a week ago we played at an 80s cover night at a venue we often play at.
We did three power-metal tinged covers of songs from the 80s, dressed in denim, leather, ridiculous blonde wigs and all sorts. Our singer wore my grandmother's leopard-print coat, among other things.

Yes, it's on video. See below.

Van Halen - Jump

Michael Jackson - Beat It

And my personal favourite, A-Ha - Take On Me

Definitely not played perfectly, these were reworked versions sketched out roughly by me and practised haphazardly in the week or so beforehand, but hey, it's fun!

That Guy

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Those were excellent and fun covers! I was definately amused. I really enjoyed the cover and speed of "Take on me." That one was my favorite as well.


Absolutely hilarious. Here I am, struggling to type. Beer does this to you.


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Heh, thanks all! I tell you what though, these will be nothing compared to the next covers night, where the theme will be...



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Oh, I don't know about that, in preparing for this gig I became a huge fan of the original song! I think I prefer our version to the Reel Big Fish one, though...