Secret weapon...


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for me, it is my '63 5x14 metal Supraphonic Snare...back in the day, that snare was on TONS of recordings around town. People always asked me to use it

my 15" Zildjian Quick Beat HH's also get a lot of praise for being versatile


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My DD75 I paid £30 for (added the hat and kick trigger from Thomann for about £50). Think Yamaha are up to the DD85 now which is about £200ish but still worth it.

This is my beer money band set up. It has the same soundcard as the yamaha electric kits so I just send a jack out to the PA and I have a full kit that sits on a snare stand.

It also has a hand percussion setting so for any quiet numbers I have congas and bongos.

I use it for tiny gigs and practice at home (metronome built in)


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Back in 1988, my drum teacher found me a beautiful pair of 1970’s 14” Zanki hi-hats. As I began gigging and recording, more than one engineer commented on how great my hats sounded and they seemed to fit any musical style. As the bands I played with became louder and louder I began to hit harder and harder. In 1993 I cracked the top cymbal and was absolutely gutted to say the least. To fit the style of music I was playing (hard rock) I invested in a pair of Paiste Alpha hats that really cut through the band but lacked the musicality of my old Zanki’s. It might be purely psychological but when recording I still use the Zanki bottom cymbal with a Paiste top, as I believe it gives me a more musical sound when playing with my foot or opening the hats. Does anyone else have a unique “secret weapon” that they use for particular playing situations? :unsure:
I bet its more your touch than it is the cymbal. I think when getting a gear compliment, really what they are complimenting is the drummer.

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My "secret weapon" is my custom built Sub-Kick. We all know about these, and use them in the studio. Many companies make them, and sell them at huge prices too. I built my own for under $50! The big difference between mine and store bought one is the cone size. Most of the time a 6" or 8" cone is used inside these. Mine is a 10" I have it wired up to an XLR jack and dropped into a 12" Tom shell that matches one of my kits.
Every session I bring it to engineers and producers go crazy over it!


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My Amati Kraslice (made in you-know-when Czechoslovakia). Although I've yet to take it out to gigs since it arrived.
Many hand-hammered in China cymbals can be secret weapons too. Did I just mention my Chang again? ;)
Felt strip on bass drum. Used to be very common until the advent of Powerstroke. I think it gives a slightly fuller, more middy sound with the nice attack of coated Ambassador.


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My greatest secret weapon is saying 'No'.

Far harder won and more effective in creating quality art than any piece of equipment could be.

..and far more tested than any piece of equipment I have.