Second public outing... It's My Life / Stormy Monday / When I Come Around - any comments appreciated!


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For just over a year, I'd say you're doing great!!! Just concentrate on locking in with the bass player, & keep doing what you're doing. Keep it simple :)


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Wow, for the time you've been playing, that was a very solid performance. Keep up the great work and have fun with it!


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yep, agree with others... not bad for a year out of the gate....
...lock in with the bass player
while I’m sure it was the recording and maybe the venue, but the drums were to much out front... too loud.
The first two songs were fine... the Green Day song needs work. Drums should be more sloppy sounding (hi hat and snare)... stay solid in rhythm. Guitarist more crunchy. Singing needs work.


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thank you for this useful feedback. i was really conscious about the volume of the drums and was really not trying to hit too hard. totally agree.