Scott K Fish Interview: Jesse Sailes

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Scott K Fish Interview: Jesse Sailes

Jesse Sailes Photo Credit: Daniel Glass,

SKF NOTE: It was Hal Blaine, I think, who recommended I speak with drummer Jesse Sailes when I was writing Modern Drummer's History of Rock Drumming. I knew Jesse Sailes only from one B.B. King album. Hal, among others, said Jesse was one of the early pioneers of rock drumming.

This is a phone interview transcript. I hesitate to post it because, from my perspective as the interviewer trying to get background material from Mr. Sailes --this interview did not go well. That's clear from Sailes's first two answers. I was hoping to hear details of Jesse Sailes's career as a studio drummer.

When I knew that wasn't going to happen, I improvised. I had almost zero background info on Sailes, making it a click above impossible to see if I could get him to be more talkative by asking questions specific to his work in the studios. But finding out specifics about his work in the studios was precisely the reason for the interview. Catch 22!

So here is a very uncomfortable Scott K Fish interview circa 1981. I did notice while retyping this transcript that Jesse Sailes mentions a West Coast studio drummer, Dave Mills. That's a new name to me. I'm sorry I apparently didn't follow up on Dave Mills with either Jesse Sailes or anyone else.

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