Sarah Jarosz drum cover

Hey all,

I recently discovered this song (and album) by Sarah Jarosz, one of those situations when a song completely inspires you yet doesn't already have drums set to it.
I've been enjoying finding tracks like this as project tracks for getting better at recording. This track definitely taught me how tricky it can be to record a simple back-beat tambo part!
Here it is. Comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated!


Old Dog new Cans

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I bought her first album after seeing her on Austin City Limits--probably 10 years ago? Great voice.

The drums mixed in nicely. Maybe another floor tom fill or 2 :cool:(y) The drums sounded "bigger" in some areas, you did a good job of adding them in though.


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That's really sweet!!!!! Some of the best things in life the most simple-nice feel but a solid base and then some really nice finesse accents with the singing. I like it just as it is.