Santa Claus Is Coming To Town! What Do You Want?


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O.K., boys and girls, some of you have been naughty and some of you have been nice (you know which catagory you fall under). Santa is coming soon! What do you want to see under the tree this Christmas?
Here's mine:

The most awesome ride cymbal I've ever heard (Not sure which one, exactly, but I'm sure Santa knows).

Drum Carpet

A year supply of free lumber (might as well turn all those switches into drum sticks!)

A brand new set of congas!

A set of drum cases (to protect my babies!)

Year supply of heads.

That would make me a happy boy! I want to be the first to wish all of you fine people on the DW forum a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Your Turn!


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Oh, I almost forgot............

A drum teacher to take me to a whole other level by 2011!!!!!!!!!



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hmmm how about the Meinl Byzance Sand Ride? or a Zildjian A Sweet ride. and a year supply of heads/sticks would be nice. and a autographed copy of Methods and Mechanics (by Todd Sucherman) or a sponsor ship deal. or all of the above.



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Bernhard, sir, I would love to hear from you! What could Santa bring to you? You never know, I could be one of Santa's "little helpers". I'd put a good word in!


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I would love Santa to deliver the Anton Fig snare and Sabian HH Classic Ride I have hiding out at my parents house that way I wouldn't have to figure out how to convince my wife that I just had to buy them!

Best wishes to all!!


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I want Pat Petrillo's 'Hands, Grooves and Fills' please. Tell Santa to please bring me it! I would have ordered it today with my Barnes & Noble birthday gift card, but they don't carry it. Will have to wait until after Christmas (if I get enough gift money).


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A practice space where I don't feel tired and dejected... which would mean moving away from Suicidal Seattle.

Otherwise... drum lessons where I learn how to play songs.


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A singer who isn't a drug addict/alcoholic, who isn't crazy, won't suddenly leave town, and otherwise has their life together, who also sounds like Ray Alder or Lars Eikind.

But since that probably doesn't exist.

A vintage early 60's Ludwig kit, with a 20" kick, 12" tom, 14 floor and a matching snare.


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Realistically every single one of my cases is broken or the wrong size so I need to order new cases.

but I would ask santa for a few drums a 3 ply w/rings and clear interior 70's ludwig floor tom in 18x16 w/green sparkle wrap. a 70's gretsch 14x14 floor tom any color.


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Two "food service" carts on wheels- 72"X48"X18", so I can store my drums and cymbals properly (off the basement floor). I also want Santa to bring some lumber (1X2s and 1/2" dowels) so I can make dividers for cymbal and drumstick storage on a couple of the shelves.

I've been a good boy, Santa.