San Francisco Drum Shops?


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I'm in downtown San Fran early December and would like to check out some drum shops. The kind that would maybe sell tube lugs, wood rims, and other small specialty goodies like that, as well as drums/cymbals.

Any suggestions out there? thanks.


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I was born and raised in San Francisco, and used to work at drum shops there.

But as far as I know, they all went out of business.

If you can get down to Redwood City, (about 30-40 minutes south of SF) I think Don still works at Gelb music. They have a small, but very packed and well stocked drum department.


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DED. thanks. That seems to be what Google Maps is saying too, but I thought there must be at least ONE left, lol.
There is of course a GC.

Starship Krupa

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I live across the Bay in Alameda and I, too would like to check out a drum shop.

But since Sam Adato (and Drum World) closed down there are none.

Red Menace

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Went to SF recently for a wedding, great trip, beautiful service with top shelf open bar. I made a stop at The Starving Musician in Berkeley. Small shop but they had a great selection of cymbals and used snares. I just bought a set of brushes but I had a great time looking at all the used gear.

The great thing about Northern California is that they have wonderful public transportation. You could take the BART into Berkeley, have lunch and check out the shop. Say hello to the ocean for me while you're there.

2474 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 841-2648


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The Santa Clara starving moved in to new digs a block up from the Evil Empire (GC) and have more stuff than Berkley. I bought my D'Amicos there and there's a set of Jasper Fibes still on the shelf.


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Both Gelb and Starving Musician are fantastic. I visited both shops in late September and was very impressed. Enjoy your trip to SF!