Sammy's just so right... :)

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Sammy Hagar introduce this song by saying...

... It's a song we all grew up on, we've seat around, put the radio on, listen to this f***** song saying "I wanna do THAT!!!"

I guess for my part he's so right, haha ... and he's played with Montrose, Hagar, Van Halen and Chickenfoot, one might say he's just done THAT indeed :)

Back then, I learned and play many of those Machine Head songs, Smoke On The Water, Highway Star, Space Trucking... the list goes on.

I'm sure it's the same feeling for many of you here, Andy? Grea? Abe? Ian (DED)? Grunt?... it was the good old time eh?

Abe, have you recovered yet... :))


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Wow, that was good stuff.

I don't listen to much rock anymore, but that really had the spirit ... especially for a bunch of old guys. :p (I can say that 'cause I'm older than some of them.)

Neat "B3" solo by Satriani too.

Thanks for the link!



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I was never heavily into Deep Purple, although I always did like that song.

I did see Purple in the late 90s. I wasn't expecting much, but they came out, and despite all the gray hair, they rocked harder than more 20 year olds. Great show. Ian Gilliam sounded amazing, and Ian Paice live is simply amazing.

What made want to do that was a combination of Rush records, the Who Live and Leeds album, and seeing this on VHS when i was 13/14


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Wow, thanks, that was great. Highway Star or Space Truckin are fantastic "get ready for work in the morning" tunes, lol.
I don't follow Chickenfoot but they can rock it.
And Isn't it great the Peace sign is not trademarked?

Alain Rieder

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I survived the Frank Zappa concert that's described in Smoke on the Water, but I never liked this particular song ;-)

Jeff Almeyda

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Did you also think there was some Blackmore homage in there too Jeff?
Definitely Andy, that's why I said strat. Ritchie plays a strat no?

As soon as Joe went into that trademark solo, I thought to myself that joe really had to stick to the original melody. No way would he dare try messing with that one. It's too iconic.