Samba ride patterns and comping


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Hey guys, I wanted to share this transcription I finished recently, it's of the great brazilian master Duduka Da Fonseca in the song O Nosso Amor by Trio Da Paz (album: Black Orpheus), an amazing jazz/brazilian fusion trio. This transcription focuses on the ride and snare playing during the guitar solo. As usual, much is revealed, particularly how few patterns Duduka uses and also how much of the snare hits are in unison with the ride cymbal, there's more unison hits with the toms but I didn't include them. If anyone here is getting into samba playing, this information can help you to develop a more authentic vocabulary, hope you guys enjoy.

PD- This is not traditional samba, it's more of a jazz influenced samba, as such the ride is played much in the same way as you would in jazz but with a brazilian feel, the patterns and unison hits come from the brazilian tradition.

EDIT- The feet are playing the standard samba ostinato.


Audio (guitar solo starts at 1:55 but the whole song is amazing!)