Saluda Cymbals Thread


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I've been on this forum for a little while now & I have recently become the proud owner of a complete set Saluda Earthworks cymbals. (Yes I know y’all want pics & those will be coming soon!)
I have also seen that there are threads on here of the big three companies to chat about their cymbals but not a thread for those of us who want to talk about Saluda! So here we go now we have a Saluda thread. Here is a list of what my cymbal set up is…


13" Earthworks Fusion hats (like Sabian AAX Fusions)
22" Earthworks Heavy Dry, Raw Bell ride (very dry, uncrashable)
20" Earthworks Light, Sweet ride (like Zildjian Sweet ride)
19" Earthworks Medium Crash
18" Earthworks Medium-Thin Crash
17" Earthworks Medium-Thin Crash
17" Earthworks China (Fast/Thin Model)
10" Earthworks Splash (like Zildjian K)
8" Earthworks Splash (like Zildjian A Custom)

So lets see what y'all think about Saluda!
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I just had Saluda fix a small crack on my Dream Bliss Crash/Ride. They did a great job and the cymbals sounds great.


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That is one impressive show of force. A small video smacking each one of them would be great. Gorgeous pies.


Got these about 3 months ago. Can't say enough good things about them or my experience with the company.



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RenaissanceMan, I love em

I'll get more pics & I'll try to come up with some sound & video...

This company is amazing.

Thanks have to go to Jamie & his employees.


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Any luck on getting a sound clip of these? Im very interested and havent been able to find good samples of the earthworks stuff

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I mostly have Saluda as well, budget is a little short for a complete set up, but heres what I've got
To the left are some old 2,002 SS cymbals 18" Full crash, 16" Power crash, 10" Rock splash, and to the right is 20" glory medium ride, 14" Glory Medium-thin crash, and a 8" medium Earthworks splash(Which I got for FREE!)

Definitely will stick with Saluda, best sounding cymbals I've heard, and some really kind gentlemen work there. definitely going to get some Earthworks crashes ASAP.


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I also love the fact that Saluda cymbals has such a great trade in program that helps a lot
great prices plus a trade in program how cool is that

If any of y'all havent checked out

what are you waiting for?



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I went to Saluda and bought a couple of mist X brilliant crashes,and they have served me very well,the 16 crash is 1090 grams and opens up as quick as an A custom thin,and has a great top end volume,I can barely get it to choke with a 5 B.

The fact that they will fine tune the cymbals and give you a custom experience at an attractive price point is terrific too.


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I believe That Jamie would be the best person to ask.

BUT I have an Earthworks set & out of that I have a 10" splash that sounds like a K series. I have a 20" ride that sounds like a sweet ride & my 13" hats sound like Sabian AAX fusions.

So I personally know that the Earthworks series work for what your looking for. However the look of the earthworks doesnt appeal to everyone.

So maybe try a Mist X series if you like nice shiny cymbals.

Best thing to do though is check out the web site & contact Jamie.


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Alright thanks! I'm not to serious about buying one yet still on the fence so that's why I haven't contacted Jamie. But no I think I'd like the traditional finish better. Are the jazz series any good? And also what specifications are unique to your cymbals I'm interested in finding cool ideas to put into this cymbal if I decide to get it. I just love the customization feature and sabian does it with less artsy stuff but I don't know if the salads will sound as good as a sabian custom...but the price is much better too...


I have some Earthworks incoming, ordered them on Friday, can't wait to get them - my first "real" cymbals, replacing ZBTs. How long have orders taken for other folks on here?



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If I remember right i think it was about 4-6 weeks I think BUT i honestly don't remember.

I love my Earthworks they look & sound so great.


Mine shipped yesterday - if UPS is on time, look for pics on Tuesday. I can't wait to get rid of my ZBT/B8 setup!!!