Saluda Ambiance or Symbolic Cymbals

Just curious if anyone has tried these Saluda cymbal lines or know anyone who has. I'm looking for a back-up set of cymbals that isn't a big three and fairly inexpensive.



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I have the “diamond” series 16” med. crash, 18” med. crash and 14” special hats-vented and “sloshy.” Best deals ever, IMO. You can call and they’ll customize for you, give you advice, and let you trade-in drum stuff. I think that series is very near to Zildjian vintage cymbals. I’ve compared them against my Paiste 2002 16” med crash and prefer the Saludas.
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Thanks for the reply. I really want to try a Ambiance crash. They are supposed to be kinda trashy and fast/ or dry depending on weight.
I'm glad you like yours.