Sabian SR2 - New review


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My 18' thin Sabian SR2 came in (free shipping and got it in one day..Greenbrier is awesome!) and it didn't dissapoint me at all.. I knew from the pic it was a HHX before the re-lathing.. HHX is probably along with K's my favorite line of cymbals so to get a new one for around $100 to me was a deal I could not pass up... if I had to point out a negative it would be the bell is pretty I don't expect much with a thin cymbal but something in the process they use weakens the bell even more to my ear.. But to get top of the line cymbals for a fraction of the price is great for a drummer on a tight budget..even a used HHX 18" will cost close to twice as much with shipping..

Terrence R

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Good grab brain. You certainly can't beat that price for any pro level crash, especially an 18" model at that. I wouldn't mind picking one up, but ill wait til more go on the shelf at the local music store. There's two there right now but they're both mediums. I need the crisp attack of a thin cymbal to satisfy my needs. Do u think they machine Extra thin crashes in the SR2 line? You know, like Fast crashes?


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Glad you got a good one! One of the local music stores near me got a selection of the SR2s and I was excited to try them out.

Sadly, there was not a good sounding cymbal in the bunch. Even the ones marked thin are fairly heavy and clangy sounding. I was very disappointed in them, overall, and it was obvious to me why all these cymbals had been returned. There were definitely no HHXs in this batch. Too bad!

It's good to hear that you got a good deal, though!