Sabian Omni to clean?

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most will know the Sabian Omni ride is a hybrid of 2 lathings

I usually use a light dusting of BarKeepers friend powder with a wet soft sponge to clean my other cymbals, but for this one, what would y'all recommend? Same as for my others, or will barkeepers friend ruin or scratch the darker unlathed portion of the 22" ?



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Al Strange

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I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned my “secret” method on DW before (😂) but my go to for cymbals is washing up liquid with a microfibre cloth (before you wash your dishes!)...dry thoroughly with paper towel, then make a paste with bicarbonate of soda and lime juice. Put the paste on the cymbal by dipping half a lime in the paste and apply to the cymbal by rubbing the lime in circles (squeeze the lime as you do it to put more juice on-I get through 2 or 3 limes). Wash off the paste with water, dry thoroughly with a paper towel, and polish with WD40 using a duster. Barkeepers’ Friend is very good for serious crud but apply sparingly and watch your logos (if you don’t want to clean them off!!)...that’s my method anyway! :unsure: (y):)

Neal Pert

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If it needs cleaning, warm soapy water and a washcloth. Dry thoroughly.


Aside from prepping the surface for a modification treatment, I've never 'cleaned' a cymbal just for the sake of making it look nice. In general a cotton cloth works great to buff out smudge and restore a basic shine. Dawn dish soap and hot water can remove grime and restore shine without damage, just make sure you rinse well and dry immediately. You'll be surprised how far the dish soap and water method goes.

But in general I'll agree with the typical response of 'just let it go'.
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C.M. Jones

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But in general I'll agree with the typical response of 'just let it go'.
I've adopted a "let cymbals age without intervention" philosophy over the last year or so. The only type of cymbal I'd even consider cleaning is one with a brilliant finish, as the mirror-like surface can look wretched when blemished or smudged. Alas, I neither possess nor intend to obtain a brilliant-finish model, so my bronze-cleansing days are in my rearview mirror. May the process of decay carry on!


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I might use a little Windex or some household product like that that's not very agressive and a towel and just buff off the fingerprints etc.By the way I have an AA X Omni