Sabian Holy China


I have seen this cymbal mentioned in a few posts about china cymbals but I thought maybe it might deserve its own thread.

It's being endorsed by Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and *ehem Chickenfoot. For those unfamiliar, it's a thin china with several holes in it and a hammered flare. It's engineered to be trashy and LOUD.

They have a website @ with a cheesy little video.

Here is a video from the great Memphis Drum Shop showing it in a live setting.

I'm pretty interested in it, although I feel like I need to hear it in person. I have what seems to be a prototype of it from the summer cymbal tour.. it kinda resembles a paragon china. I love the sound of mine and it kinda has the trashy thin sound like these, but mine just doesn't really have that much volume.

Anyway, anybody picked up one of these yet or heard it in person?


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Quiet overpriced.
But it's loud and looks cool.

I'd like to drill some holes in a Wuhan. Maybe it could sound similar?


Holes in a Wuhan are just terrible, trust me I've tried it lol. In distortion its so lost in the mix...nice quick trash sound for effects, but def not a main china.

I am bet very interested in this holy china though...I have been waiting for a sweet thang like this to be made!


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They sound pretty good.
I heard the Memphis Drum Shop demo, they sound nice and smooth,
and this is probably one of the only china cymbals I like ( Not a big fan of chinas in general).


I still haven't gotten a chance to go by there and check it out. I'm so conflicted. I'm not sure if my current china just doesn't project volume or if I just think that because it's more off to the side. It's great but so thin that it opens up very very easily.


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It is a looker, but I'll stick with my took many a china to find one that I think is loud enough!


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I have reviewed it in this forum:

and also at Percussion Reviews, the 19" version:

and 21" version:

The sound samples were recorded with calibrated laboratory grade microphones, so what you hear is pretty close to the sound in person.