Sabian HHX Studio Crash?


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Hey everyone,
I'm in the market for a new crash, and the one looking most appealing to me right now is the HHX studio crash 17".
I was just wondering if anyone owns this cymbal and their thoughts on it.

Also, I was wondering if it would go well with my other cymbals. All the ones I have right now are fairly bright and I want something a bit darker like the HHX.

So right now I have:
16" Paiste PST3 (the one the HHX would replace)
14" Sabian Xs20 hats
18" Sabian Xs20 medium thin crash
18" Sabian Xs20 china
20: Sabian AA medium ride

Your comments will be very helpful. :)


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I haven't owned one but personally I think they are great crashes. If I was ever to replace my Paiste crashes the HHX Studio would definitely be in there.

I don't really have much experience with the Xs line, but a good idea would be to take your Xs crash in with you when you test out the HHX and see how they sound together.


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Other than Paiste Signatures, which I'm playing now, the HHX line is my favorite. I had the exact crash you're interested in, 17" Studio Crash, and it's a great crash. Probably my favorite of the HHX line of crashes (although I also like the Stage and HHXtreme crashes). The only problem I can see is that you're going to like it so much, you're going to want to replace the rest of your line with HHX's.


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I played the 16 HHX studio crash and loved it. I still have it, I just have a love affair with my Paiste Twentys right now. I really liked the Studio lines for crashes because they are thin and the Stage line for hats and ride because they are medium. Great cymbals.


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had a few chances to play the HHX and AAX Studio crashes and would say these are probably Sabian's best sounding crashes...

the HHX would be a nice upgrade!


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Thanks for your help everyone. One day I plan to buy one of these, maybe even a whole set of HHX's, but they are a little out of my price range right now. With some birthday money I got a used AA rock crash and it'll do me just fine for now.


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I have a 17" HHX Studio crash and its amazing! It responds to a slap, is quite loud and blends with music really well. Its surprising how well it fits with my bright AAX Stage crash and my AAX Dark crash.