Sabian Fusion Hi hats 13"


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Can anyone tell me if you think these are AA or AAX? Possibly B8. I can't find any Sabian Fusion Cymbals with the 4-hole pattern. Just purchased these online for a very good price and figured it was worth the gamble. Marking is worn off. Got these for $39.50 with freight.



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They aren't Fusions. They only have 3 hole and they are in a line on the bell of the bottom cymbal (center hole goes on the hi hat rod). How do they sound?


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I haven't got them yet but was curious about what they actually were. I thought it was worth the gamble. I'll let you know. I current have a pair of XS 20 Rock hats that I really like and thought they sound better than some Zildjian higher end Master Sound and or A customs. I was thinking of reselling these sabians as they were so cheap but would like to know exactly what they are. Thanks!


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Do not try to sell as higher end you have B8 alloys.
The vents look too far out towards shoulder of cymbal, custom drill job.
Interiors look like B8ish Sabian pattern.

Oh well for Sabian vented hats they go like this:

Fusion 2 vents
Fast 3 vents

The vented pattern like that of xcelerators on a cymbal aged like those tells me no as Xs are a newer hi hat line.
Good luck!
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I owed a pair of Fusion Hats in the 90s wish I never sold them. The bottom hat was a very heavy Leopard bottom with a very cool finush. They were the Sabian equivalent of K/Z hats.


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Heard back from Sabian on this. They are a modified Pro Sonix line.glad I didn’t pay too much for them. I’m curious how they sound. I had a pro sonic ride back in the day and I liked it.