Sabian alike Paiste Sig. Full Crash


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I like the sound of the Paiste Sig. Full Crash, and I hear Danny Carey using it alot and I love the sound. But Sabians are alot cheaper around me, so I was wondering if there is a similar sounding Sabian thanks Brad


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Both the AAXplosions and Vaults will give you the brilliant cut and body of a Sig, but they will never sound the same. The metal is completely different.

That being said, I've had Vaults and AAXplosions in 18, 19, and 20 and they are awesome instruments.


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It will be difficult to get a B20 metal based cymbal to sound like a B8 one. I think the x-plosion or the evolution will be your closest match. I have Paiste 2002's and Sabian HHX. The HHX Evolution has a nice crisp sound like the Paiste but with a buttery, dark overtones. They have become my favorite line by far!