Sabian AAX Memphis Ride


Heya. I'm thinking about buying this ride to use as my main crash/ride. I play a lot of punk rock/rock so I do end up crashing on my ride a LOT. This cymbal does look pretty thin though, I'm just worried about the viability of using it for this purpose since I'm not made of money. I use 5b sticks and am a fairly hard hitter.

Any feedback/thoughts would be awesome. Thanks!


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The durability of any piece of drum equipment all depends on the hands of the drummer. Loose grip = fully intact cymbals, drumheads, and sticks.

That being said, Memphis Rides are incredible. I've seen jazzers use them, I've seen metalheads crashin' 'em and I haven't once heard a bad sound come from them. Go hit it in person, see if you like it!