Sabian AA 22" Medium-Heavy Ride


Hey, I am currently deciding which new ride cymbal to buy...I was planning on buying the APX 22" medium; but I suddenly came across this cymbal for a very good price; but my local music shop doesn't have one of these for my to try out. So I was just wondering since this is a Medium-Heavy ride, it won't be very crashable at all will it?


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The APX is very pingy with a lot of high-end, very Paiste-like. I have the 22" rides in both regular and Solid, and they're not very crashable (at best, the 'regular' is very gongy.) The AA is more likely to give a decent big crash, although they can also get so heavy that they don't want to crash.



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I haven't played the 22", but my high school had a 20" Med-Heavy AA ride. It was quite pingy; great ping sound for sure, but good luck crashing on it. I would expect the 22" would be similar.
You might find what you want in a medium weight, if there is a medium 22" AA ride. I have the 20" medium and I use it as my main crash.


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I preffer the aa , I's like it much more than the apx and is also more versatile .

it's not very crashable , I'm a medium to heavy hitter and I could't crash it , but chad smith from red hot chille pappers used it for a while (he also uses a aa rock ride ) and he can crash it , but he is a really big guy .