Sabian 23" Limited Edition Override


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Just purchased one of these behemoths used at my local music store. Jimmy Degrasso signature model, only 200 made. This thing is a beast, exactly what I needed to cut through a Marshall stack. Exceptionally loud, especially the 8" raw bell. I love this bell for its variety of tones and silky sound when played gently. Plus I can rest assured I'll always be heard. Complex dark ride sounds, great for hard rock or metal. Not super crashable. I understand now why it's limited edition. This cymbal is not for everyone! But it turned out to be just what I needed. Cheers!


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I had never even heard of, let alone heard one of these cymbals before, so I had to look one up on YouTube and check it out.

It's a nice rock ride sound, though it is surprisingly dark for such a heavy cymbal. I like that it sounds like it will project through a loud band without needing to be piercing and high pitched. Very cool.


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I hadn't heard of this either. I know they are doing the same "Limited Edition" thing for Todd Sucherman. I think his is the called the "Sessions" ride. Only 200 of those will be made as well.