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Yep, love em! Easy on the wrists, great cross stick sound, and a solid rimshot. Think half way between triple flanged and die-cast.


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i have s-hoops on my custom Keller shell kit. similar to a die-cast but different...almost "vintage" or something. the s-hoops seem to bring out the lower tones, making it easier to tune high & still get a full (not choked) tone.

there was a learning curve for me tho. on the toms, they were a slam dunk but took awhile to get used to them on the snare. my regular cross-stick technique made the hits sound "glassy". but now that i am used to them, i am hooked. makes your kit sound unique & musical.

if you play latin stuff a lot, they are the ULTIMATE set up. cascara patterns on the floor tom rim w/ cross sticks / toms sound insane! insane i tell you and very authentic, "vintage-y". rim shots sound incredible, controlled, LOUD & very focused. great studio set-up.

+ https://picasaweb.google.com/ggill1970/FortuneDrums# (some pics here but hard to see)


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I only have them on my two snares. Only thing I would say is on the snares, having them on the batter side is a dream, I really love them and will probably stay with them forever. But on the snare side... meh. I don't see the benefit but I do see a down side: the bottom head ends up getting so much tension and the head itself stretches to the point where the innermost part of the S-Hoop, the part that bends down toward the head, actually starts to touch it. So I put my triple flanged hoops back on the snare side.

I'd love to put them on my toms, but it's not as high a priority as my cymbal addiction.


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I have one for my Musashi snare, and I'm a bit underwelmed. I don't really prefer the cross-stick sound, and the change in the sound of the drum itself was minimal. As a matter of fact, I just switched back to the triple-flanged hoop at the last head change.

They might do interesting things with tom sounds, but I don't feel compelled to buy another one right now.


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I love them on metal drums but not on wood. The Mushashi is great with triple flange and wood hoops, but die cast and S take the character out, IMHO.

They provide the rigidity of a die cast without the weight or hard feeling rim shots (more comfy for the wrists). They work so well because the inside top of the hoop provides support to the structure. Think of this as an arch.


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Ì learned today they are not compatible with certain clip on mics, but the source did not specify which ones.


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Ì learned today they are not compatible with certain clip on mics, but the source did not specify which ones.
Oh yeah, that's the other thing! I had forgotten because I developed a workaround. But yeah, they don't work with the Audix D-vice or the Sennheiser e604 built-in clips. I ended up flipping the clip on the D-Vice and attaching to the bottom hoop, but it sure limits mic placement.


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I have one on the batter of my LM411. It stays in tune better, and focuses the sound without killing it quite as much as die cast. The price is great too! I use triple-flanged on the snare side, I feel like I might lose too much resonance without it. I don't know why I'd ever buy die cast instead of these. However, I might want to switch back to triple on top. I use a higher, drier tuning method. Probably better if I tuned lower where it's not so choked, my snare is pretty funky and high pitched for now until I can get a smaller snare, however long from now that may be hahaha!