Running Tracks/Midi signals simultaneously off SPD-SX Pad


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Hey guys!

My band is in the process of getting our live show ready for a euro tour this spring, and so I've been putting together a backing track system and I had a question about the SPD-SX. Basically we want to run a simple light show through use of a DMX converter/MIDI Track in Ableton Live but I want to know if I can simultaneously use my SPD-SX as the controller for ableton as well as use it as the module for the triggers & the playback system for the backing tracks.

I know a more straight-forward setup would be to just run the backing tracks off Ableton too and use a TM-2 for the trigger samples, but I want something more stable than a laptop (I've had issues in the past) and since I don't own a TM-2 it makes more sense to continue using the module I currently own.

So yeah, basically can I have both the midi lighting sequence start at the same time as the backing tracks?

Hope this makes sense.


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I tried this a couple years ago, failed and finally went to a computer. Probably operator error :)

I know that doesn't help but, if you succeed, maybe you could update this post with anything you learned??