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Hey Guys and Gals. I thought that with all of the questions and new posts that are asked and made here about rudiments that I'd make this thread.

I'm sure that at least once you've heard or said this in the technique section while talking about rudiments:

Rudiments aren't necessary, but they can't hurt!
And it's true. We don't need rudiments to get gigs or play well or finally find that elusive 'pocket'. However, we also have to consider how much more each generation these simple patterns become incorporated into what we play every day. It's like having a daily workout regimen: We can survive without one, but it's a great thing to have.

So, give it a try! They can be used for anything: Building your chops, developing your technique, or expanding your vocabulary. If you're one of us who's trying to make drumming a career, it's a wise choice. In fact, a lot of music schools have audition requirements that include some sort of rudimental demonstration.

Below are a few links to the basics that I pulled together:

Vic Firth's Compilation of the Percussive Arts Society's 40 Essential Snare Drum Rudiments

Vic Firth's Compilation of Hybrid Rudiments

note: I'd start with the PAS 40 before trying these, they can get pretty tricky!

Thom Hannum's Check Patterns

Duple Patterns

Triple Patterns

If you have any resources that you like to use, add them! That's what the thread is for after all. :)
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Why is there a link to download Stick Control for free? That is piracy. Just because Stone is not alive does not mean that his family should not get what they deserve. Take a listen to what Dom has to say.

Please remember that there are authors who put years of work into those books. I have a book on the market as well as other forum members (such as Pat Petrillo, Bill Bachman, John Riley, Todd Bishop, Gavin Harrison, John Favicchia, and Jim Riley).

If you do know of places online that are hosting our books (or books from our publishers) please contact us. The publishing companies are trying to actively combat internet piracy.

Think of this - why would drum book authors want to come to this forum to contribute if they knew that people here are encouraging piracy?


Beat me to it...

I'm glad someone said it. Thanks Jeff.

This really needs to be punished more severely.

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