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I need some help creating a practice routine that should be efficient and effective in a fair amount of time. I'm thinking of going back to basics. Quick background; I started playing at about 10. Took lessons for awhile. Played in the middle school band. High school I naturally gave up the formal route and starting playing rock/funk drums in bands and what not. I'm in a serious group now that has some big things going on. I feel like my playing has hit a wall and I'm not as on time (not to say its bad) as I should be. Trying to get to that point of playing "perfect" all the time. I think rudiments are where I need to start as I quit on them early. Any suggestions for a routine would be greatly appreciated. Wanting to do something or 30-60 minutes every day

Duck Tape

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Benny Greb's drumset exercises are very practical. I play them all the time and have developed some new ideas to add to the routine.

I'm pretty new to consciously practicing rudiments but Tommy Igoe's great hands DVD has got me started. I also have stick control which is a must have.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Igoe's Lifetime warm-up.

Get creative with the grid like Benny greb. Use it for all stickings and all combinations of accents, doubles, single doubles and flams. You can also get creative with subdivisions.

The same exercises can be used with written rhythms for accents like those in Syncopation or where ever.