rubber "grommets" under snare lugs?


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I have a basic premier steel snare, with what looks like rubber under the lugs. Does anyone think it worthwhile removing these?

I dont see the purpose of them being there. My pearl steel snare doesnt have these. They may be dampening slightly and they don't look good (IMO)
Some people reported that it adds some ring and makes the sound more open to remove the rubber gaskets. I remember havin read this about new vs old supraphonics, so why sholdn't it be the same with other brands?

But honestly, why should I want to achieve even more ring for my snare sound? Any of my snares produces enough ring with coated Ambassadors, and whenever I need to modify the sound, I try to reduce too many ringy overtones. Not that I don't like open sounding snare drums, but the art is to find a snare that has a rich yet round open tone without annoying frequencies. If your specific drum has this kind of open sound, it won't get any better, and if it yells "damp me!", it won't either.

These rubber gaskets prevent the shell from scratches more that they do change the sound, and I would consider a change for visual reasons if it looked weird. Wanting to improve the sound with that sort of modifications to me appears like sort of hokus pokus.


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Regarding lug gaskets (a grommet is used within a hole or penetration through something)-

It has been written (lol) that they are are used to alleviate tuning rod splay between the lug and the hoop. Splay is the angle of the tuning rod away from the shell and outwards to the hoop that may occur with some lug and hoop combinations. By using a gasket that moves the lug further off the shell the "splay" is elliminated or lessened so that the tuning rod angle is parallel to the shell (or close to it).
Most often using an internet search, this will come up in a discussion regarding Ludwig snare drums, but I guess all makers deal with it, and come to think of it, I can't recall any major maker who does not utilize rubber gaskets in this way nowadays, and it has been common practice for some time (My now ancient '99 Tama Starclassic Performers have them for instance). You would think it would only be an issue on a non-wrapped shell because of the difference the thickness of the wrap makes in regard to the height of the lug, but even wrapped drums have them so?

As far as scratching or damaging the shell? Well, that is a concern (mainly with a lacquered shell and cracking the finish beyond the footprint of the lug), but honestly, unless you plan on removing all the lugs and replacing them with a completely different style, I don't see how it even matters-you will never see what is under the lug.

Must be cheaper to use rubber gaskets than redesign the lug to a proper height... Surely the corporate bean counters would put a stop to it if not. Lol
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I removed all the plastic / rubber gaskets and plastic washers of my former Tama Metalwork 14x6,5" ; it did sound more "alive" than it was. I like ringy metal snare. I didn't notice anything problematic about the rod splay.


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Gaskets rob resonance plain and simple. When I have a drum made I specify nothing soft on the drum.

It makes the most difference on toms.
I'd like to know if you were able to tell one from another with your eyes closed ;)

But if lug splay isn't much of an issue, it looks better without gaskets anyway.


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Ah typo in my title - should be gaskets (not grommets!)

Thanks for that, the snare is pretty ringy already so it seems a lot of hassle just for a) cosmetics (i dont like the look) and b) potentially increasing the ring!


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I haven't managed to identify it (I posted pics of it on here a couple years ago!)

Seems it's probably an entry level steel snare