Rubber for Bottom of Bass Drum Pedal


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Saw this advertisement in Drum! magazine. Sort of an “official” (not DIY) solution.
Not a product yet, and unfortunately, looks like it's so thick you have elevate the kick drum itself, too. Since a couple of my rack toms barely clear my kick, I would have to reposition all rack toms, and other nearby items. Then there's the slave pedal. Raise that, and I have to raise my hi-hat, too. And, it would be awkward to have my pedals elevated off the ground. I sometimes use techniques where my foot slides back and my heels are actually on the ground. All in all, while a good concept on paper, a non-starter for me. Thank you for posting that, though, because it gets the creative juices flowing.


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Summit Racing® Neoprene Rubber Universal Sheets SUM-939510
Sorry...pasted...12" x 12", 1/8" thick....$8.99

Neoprene Rubber Sheet Black 1/16” Thick x 12” x 36” 55A+/-5
Pasted again...Walmart $11.99

Just a couple I might try...I suppose maybe with Gorilla super glue(?)
Thank you for that. The Eliminators I just bought have the perfect rubber on the bottom, that seems quite soft. I wonder if it is neoprene Rubber.