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So, after a few decades of playing only eccentric cam pedals, I’ve figured out that i actually prefer round cam pedals. My oldest son has borrowed my IC Powerglide, so I’ve been alternating between 2 older, basic wire frame round cam pedals for the past month and a half (Yamaha and Mapex) that I acquired from Craigslist deals over the years. I find the round cam pedals easier to control, and quick doubles are practically effortless. It seems as far as chain drive pedals are concerned, the eccentric cam pedals dominate the market. I can walk into my local GC and get IC Powerglides and DW Accelerators all day long, but Rolling Glides and Turbos are never in stock. So I’m curious; who out there prefers round cam pedals, and why aren’t they more popular? As for me, I’m sold. Already told my son he can keep the IC. Also, please suggest some good round cam pedals in addition to Tama and DW, as I’m thinking of buying a new round cam pedal and keeping these older ones as backups.


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I do, love em. I cant stand the accelerator cam. The slow/fast action is just a turn off for me. I want the beater to travel to the head in direct relation to the motion of my foot, no other factors involved. When I have played them in the past, it makes doing double kick harder for me. The pedals are harder to get started so it feels weird.

I play a Pearl P902 with a Trick driveshaft. The pedal is probably 20 years old I've had it for 7, the driveshaft was a Father's Day gift last year. Runs better than new.

I had the Eliminators when they first cam out. I didnt get a cam swap option, they were just round. I didnt, and still dont need that many setting options in a pedal.
Pearl has a new pedal similar to the Eliminator, only with set cams, both round and eccentric. I too, think I prefer round cams over eccentric ones. I'm currently using my Iron Cobra Jr. double pedal, (Rolling Glide) and prefer the smoother feel vs my Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide. The new Pearl pedal that came out last year is something to check out. Probably similar to my old Pearl P-880.


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I like a round cam myself. I've tried numerous pedals over the past 40+ years, and have found that I favor a simple, lightweight pedal with a round cam. I've been using a Camco for many years now, but it's a bit noisy and worn, so picked up a used DW2000 recently, as it seemed like a reasonably priced replacement. It is, and I'm happy with my choice.

Edit: I was changing my beater today, and realized the 2000 has a slightly offset cam. Round, but offset.
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When I bought a new kit in ‘94 I didn’t like the pedal that came with the kit, so I bought a DW with accelerator cam and played it for about 5 years. When I began recording myself, I always felt late to the click. I wasn’t but it didn’t feel right. When I bought my Starclassic kit in 2007 I went with an IC Rolling Glide and haven’t looked back.


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I prefer the round cams also myself. I really started doing more advanced stuff with my right foot after I bought an old used Pearl Export back in 2008 or so that came with a cheapo Yamaha single pedal (cannot remember the exact model anymore).

When I went buying a double pedal in 2009 (mostly eyeing the Iron Cobra) I tested the Power Glide and the Rolling Glide in the store. The Rolling Glide made it way easier for me to play quick doubles and Nicko McBrain style gallops. The Power Glide felt very sluggish and uncontrolled to me back then.

Currently my IC Rolling Glide is trapped (due to lockdown) in the studio where we are tracking the drums for our album, so I got an IC Power Glide lent by a friend and I know again why I don't like the offset cam. It still feels kinda sluggish to me and somehow unnatural.

In fact, I dislike it so much that I just snapped up a Camco reissue from 2011 on eBay that should arrive in the next few days just to have proper pedal again while my IC Rolling Glide is not with me.

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Other than the Speed King all of the pedals I've owned featured round cams. I did try a DW with an oblong cam 100 years or so ago. Didn't get on with it.


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I'm used to round cams. I have a Pearl 930 that came with the eccentric cam and had to remove it. The other pedals I use are an old Sonor SP473 and an old Yamaha FP6110A belt drive.


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I use Axis pedals which can be either concentric or eccentric cam depending on where you put the VDL, and that position also determines size of the lever arm (size of the cam).

I'm an Axis player as well.
Just to clarify for those that aren't familiar with their pedals, their "A" models have the VDL (described above), but their "X" line does not.


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I've had an DW accelerator for decades and tried a gig with it and it kept pushing the bass out because I was hitting it too hard. never had a problem before or after that. It stays on one of my practice kits. Don't care for it. I much prefer a round cam. I keep telling myself I'm going to sell it but never get around to it.


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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I tried the IC Powerglide again for comparison’s sake, and there’s no going back for me. I’ll be sticking with round cam pedals going forward. As far as buying a new pedal, right now I’m looking at the new Pearl Eliminator Solo, Gibraltar Road series, or a DW 3000 (although since I prefer playing in socks I’m not certain the DW would work for me). If anyone has a different pedal to suggest, I’m all ears.


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Well, a Pearl pedal with the correct cam would be the obvious choice here, or a DW 3000.

I myself am kind of a Tama fanboy, so I can vouch for the IC Rolling Glide which I play for over ten years now. The Speed Cobra also gets almost only great reviews, it’s also a Rolling Glide but as longboard which is also recessed a bit. But never tried it myself (yet).

If cheap and used is an option, maybe try to snag up a Tama Camco with a real round chain sprocket (my Camco reissue from eBay should finally arrive this week). DW6000 can also be a good option, but more on the expensive side for what actually is on the pedal material-wise.