Rotating Rainstick?

Kenneth Nishimoto

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...I seem to remember there used to be this really neat device that I can't seem to find information about. If I remember properly, it was red and about a foot in diameter, being essentially a plastic ring filled with beads with a crank in the middle so one can generate a continuous "Rainstick" sort of sound.

The device Mason is using in this video is similar, but the version I'm talking about is significantly smaller. while we're on the subject, though, what is Mason using, also? Where can I get one?

BTW: I believe the device in the first paragraph was manufactured perhaps by LP or Meinl, and I think it was mountable on a drumset.

wy yung

Meinl. You can buy it from an authorised Meinl dealer.


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I have a Meinl one for about 10 years now. They are made of fiberglass and incredibly loud.

Meinl is a very underrated company for percussion items. They are constantly putting out innovative stuff like the rain wheel.