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Maybe we'l have:
Jamey back in town
Coming back around
She's been through a whole lotta stuff since then
She's here to party down

Maybe the guy can be the hesitant one now? Maybe he's married?

We ain't learned our lesson yet, Ah (Lea)


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Oasis : Lyla
Marillion : Kayleigh - Interior Lulu - Margaret
Michael jackson : Dirty Diana
Metallica : Lulu

I've got many French songs that come in mind but I don't know If it's interesting to share those.
one english title sung by a french singer : Taï Phong : Sister Jane,
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I checked twice, unless I missed 'em
Layla (by that guitar guy)
and Rosie (by Jackson Browne, though it's not really about a girl ;^)


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Carrie (Europe , from "The final countdown")

Lorraine (another swedish band, 220 volt)

Mitzi Dupree (about the girl with the ping-pong balls, from Deep Purples "The house of blue light")

Rock Salad

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Oh! shoot
Wendy, let me in,
I wanna be your friend,
I wanna guard your dreams and visions.
or is it guide?
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Lay down .....sally , Long tall.....sally.
Sweet .....Melissa
You got me on my knees , .....Layla
Wake up .....Maggie
Goodbye.....Ruby Tuesday
Got a girl her name is ..... Francine
Pictures of ......Lily
Oh, oh yeah......Darlene
Reminisce in the attic....Lucretia.... rocks away

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The Little Old Lady from Pasadena
The Lady Is A Tramp
The Girl From Ipanema
Girls Girls Girls
Luck Be A Lady Tonight
Lady Love
Ladies In Mercedes
Fanny Mae
My Best Friends Girlfriend
The Girl Cant Help It
Donna The Prima Donna
Cleanup Lady
She's Gone
She's Not There
She's A Bad Momma Jamma
Mother Popcorn
Jumbo Gotta Go

Rock Salad

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Ok, we are looking for named characters here and your thoughts on their further adventures.

Holly came from Miami, Fla
Met a girl named Daisy
Oh Ricky you so fine


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Down to the bottom of the third page and no one has mentioned:

Jessica by the Allman Brothers.