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This song is actually written from the point of view of a stalker. While he says "she" a lot, it's actually about him.
yep i know :) "The differences (between the two tracks) are subtle — 'Vermilion, Pt. 1' is about the enrapturing, the buildup, the anticipation and the neurosis," says Taylor. "'Part 2' is the aftermath, the pieces that have to be picked up later, and maybe the guilt of having lived through it." Both songs are said to be about lost or unrequited love from a possibly suicidal person's perspective.


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Baby - most commonly used name. Baby in Sir Mix-a-Lot’s song had back.
she also had blue eyes, had her blue jeans on, had a gun, a hold on me And a whole host of other things. Baby gets around!

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Awesome! Thanks a bunch.

Is she a she these days? Lola

I am trying one for Sunny. I'm gonna sit and dream about Jolene for a bit and see if any words come.
I'd love to hear more about Julia too.


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We could probably do a whole thread about Mary jane

Mary Jane’s last dance - tom petty
I love you Mary Jane - cypress hill/sonic youth

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Beatles-What's The New Mary Jane (Anthology 3) Crazy!

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How did I forget Jamie? That's who I thinking on when I found a couple couplets for Sunny.
Yeah, Jamie. Interesting character, conflicted, vulnerable and desiring too.

don't forget
Man I gotta listen to Josie

so heavy
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Roxanne - The Police
Oh, Sherrie - Steve Perry
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - The Beatles
The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix
Jane Says - Jane’s Addiction
Chloe Dancer - Mother Love Bone