Roland VAD506


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Announced back in Jan - but not many people have received them yet.

Yes - its a TD27 with acoustic shells for those who are afraid of what other acoustic drummers think of their ekits ;)

For £4K + :D


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Is this idea something new Roland invented or do other companies make something like it?
Just an acoustic looking kit with piezos stuck on it and a silly price tag.

Yamaha did it nearly 20 years ago with the DTXTreme, for example, with wood shells and mylar heads.

Reg Dewitt

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I'm sorry for my ignorance here, but when you say it is just an acoustic looking kit, you mean the Roland drums are not acoustic drums with piezo's added, but just Roland electric drums like the TD30 with the shells extended down a few inches further to look like acoustics? and if you turned off the electricity and hit on them, they would make little or any sound? Because that was not my impression, but like I say, I could be completely wrong.


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Just acoustic drums with mesh heads and piezos.
So, no electricity - they'll go "ping"
The TD30 pads you mentioned are also just shells with mesh heads and piezos. No difference.


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I’ve got one with an added rack Tom and added a small crash. Absolutely love em. Put a double bass kick pedal on it and it’s a sheer pleasure to play em’