Roland UM-One Issue


Junior Member
I recently purchased the Roland Um-One Midi-to-USB cable to record playing my TD4-KP Roland electric set. I've been using the Reaper recording software on a trial basis and it doesn't seem to be recording, though the device is working and reaper is registering the pad hits.

The only issue I think may be in play is that I also have an aux cable plugged into the laptop'a headphone jack and into the aux-in input on the kit's module, so that I can listen to music to play along to. Could that be causing an issue?

I guess the question is why the software wouldn't be recording the midi-to-usb interface, when the drivers are properly installed and updated, and the program seems to be registering the activity.

I don't have a MAC, or I would just be using garageband. Does anyone have a recording software preference that works well with midi-to-usb cables?