roland td12 + spd 30 jams


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Hey guys,

Not a regular poster on here, but hope to start posting more frequently.

Im Ben, a uk drummer based in Leeds. I've recently decided to start putting more videos online, as a means of promotion and also just to help keep myself on track, I'm posting a vid every day or two. Whether it's a vlog, lesson, a chop, or just a groove I'm really into. I've decided consistency is key so I'm really going to try stick to that over my 6 weeks holiday!
I'm a peri teacher in a couple of schools 2 days a week and teach african and samba drums through a company as well (primary schools). I'm currently gigging at haven holiday parks at the weekends with a covers band...Friday and Saturday nights. I'm putting this on hold once the 6 week holidays are over so I can focus more on my playing and finding some different gigs and working in a more professional, 'live' setting.
Current books I'm working through; Benny Grebb's 'the language of drumming' (LOVE THIS BOOK) and Gavin Harrison's 'rhythmic illusions'. For the past few months I've been keeping a practice diary and practicing in 20 minute slots, generally this is 2 hours broken into 6 20 minute slots and then another hour later split into 3 20 minute slots. A bit of info I gained through attending some clinics with JP Bouvet and Thomas Lang, in Leeds. It's really helped make my practice much more efficient and useful.

Anyway, enough of the introduction.. here's a video so you can see what I'm all about, I intend to keep making these and am super keen to get into vlogging, so if anyone fancies hopping along for the journey from the beginning, feel free to do so by checking out my Facebook page at

Thanks guys,

Peace and Love