Roland TD-9KX or 12KX


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I really cannot decide between the two drums.. Money isn't really an issue here. I have been thinking about getting 12kx but I have also heard about some people having High hat issues??.. Have they fixed this problem yet? What are you guys recommendations on which kit is the better of the two.


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money is no object? neither.

for something comparable money wise, something like this:

the standard rack mounted hi-hat/foot pedal can easily be swapped out for a standalone e-drum variable hi-hat stand, which will be really nice to play, and will sound good (the only real problem with e-hi-hats is the transition from open/close).

get a used module (e.g. td6) from eBay or buy an alesis trigger I/O and then use it to map drum software (on a PC/laptop).
software wise there is loads, something like BFD, superior, addictive, etc. you can't really go wrong with one of those.
it will sound much better than the stock sounds on a td12 and you can record whenever you want for easy editing on a computer.

if you really have alot of money to spend then i would forget getting a kit that looks like e-drums and get an electro-acoustic. electronic drums that have piezo/triggers under the mesh heads, but have real wooden shells. they look awesome/sound awesome/are awesome.

out of interest are you in the UK? if you are i would recommend a different company than pintech (UK based).