Roland TD-8 drum brain - more than one battery?


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Hi everyone,

I've searched around, and haven't found an answer for this. Does anybody know if there is more than one battery in the TD-8? I've replaced the one that's easily accessible (by removing the bottom panel), and that has brought my TD-8 back to life, BUT it now takes at least 3 minutes to power up, if it has been left unplugged.

That is, after I plug in the power cable, I turn on the power switch, and the machine sits there for 3+ minutes before anything lights up or appears on the display.

Is there another battery in a less-accessible place in there, or could that be caused by a faulty component, like maybe a capacitor somewhere?

Any insights are appreciated. I can give more details, if that helps. Thank you!


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It's still messed up, and when I turned it on a couple of days ago, it took about 7 minutes before the buttons lit up and the display showed the usual boot-up stuff. Just now, I turned it on, and it came up right away.

Has anybody taken apart a TD-8, and noticed a battery other than the one that's easily accessed by removing the bottom panel? Or, does anyone have an idea of what else I might look at?



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An update:

The TD-8 has been taking longer and longer to power up after the power switch is turned on. It took an hour and twenty-five minutes the other day. Leaving the unit on doesn't seem to significantly reduce this delay when the power switch is turned off, then on again.

BUT, if I don't use the power switch (just leave it in the "on" position), and turn the power on at a power strip, the TD-8 powers up right away, even if it's been off for a day.

If anyone has any insight about what I might do to fix the issue, I'd be glad to hear it. For now, I'll just leave the switch on "on".

Maybe posting this will be helpful to some other TD-8 user in the future.


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Sorry about your issues :(

Here's the TD8 Service Manual if that's any help:

... Only one battery listed... CR2032....
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