Roland TD-6V and headphones


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Hi guys

I am new to electronic drums, I just saw this kit "Roland TD 6V" and it was on 700$ is that a good price? It works 100% and looks very good. Thanks

Also, if I buy it, what headphones do you recommand? I have computer headphones but I want some good headphones that will give very good sound but max price is about 150$


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I've been using Sennheiser headphones, but I've blown a couple of pairs playing my V-Drums. I recently discovered the difference between standard headphones and monitor headphones and also discovered that Roland themselves do a very reasonable set of monitor headphones (Roland RH-5) which they recommend for V-Drums. I picked up a pair and I'm really happy with the sound. Because they are closed they also mask the thud of the kick drum and rubber cymbals so you're left with the pure drum sound.