Roland TD-30kv kit vs. Roland TD-30 with Pintech mesh pads


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Hi All,

I've been playing drums since the early 1970s and have owned (and still own) a lot of quality gear along the way. I use both ekits and acoustic kits for gigging and practice. I now own a Roland TD-8 module with Pintech mesh pads: a 12" snare, two 10" tom pads, a 12" tom pad, a 12" kick and a mix of Roland and Simmons rubber pads with a Roland FD-7 for cymbals. All are single zone except the snare which is dual zone. For rehearsals with one of my bands I use a standard Roland TD-8 mesh head kit (owned by the bass player) with rubber pads for the cymbals and FD-7 for HH controller. I use the Roland/Pintech kit every day for practice I am now ready for a significant upgrade.

My questions: If I just upgrade the module to the TD-30 and keep my existing pads will there be a major upgrade in performance (sound, responsiveness, dynamics, etc.) compared to the TD-8? I guess another way of asking the same question is: are my existing pads good enough and/or compatible enough with the TD-30 to bring out high quality response? How comparable are my existing Pintech pads to the Roland pads that come with the TD-30k or the v pads that come with the TD-30kv? I also have the same questions about the cymbal pads and FD-7. In addition, I have a Yamaha HH-80 foot controller that I don't use.

I searched the net and the forum but did not find much info to help. The only thread that I found which partially addresses my questions is: td-30 pintech Any further thoughts would be very much appreciated.



P.S. No Ekit bashing please.


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No ekit bashing ...

Yes. However, having spent all that money wouldn't you be tempted to get the full kit? I know I would. I've played both the 30 K and KV and they are a new generation of ekits. The KV is a whole new world and I'd love to own the set.