Roland TD-20

Alex Lilly

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I am currently trying to use all 8 of my external outputs on my TD-20 in order to put them through to an mixer - My problem is that no matter how many times I go in to the settings on the TD-20 and try to re-route the signals to assign to each allocated number i.e. snare=1 kick=2 hi-hat=3 it never corresponds, the hi hat especially is proving to be a real pain - I cannot understand why it is doing this and it must be something that I am missing somewhere but I just can't figure it out - if any one could please help me then that would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance Alex


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Part of the issue when doing this, is Roland built in a natural "bleed" between the instruments, to replicate how with a real drum set you would hear bits of bass drum in the snare mic and bits of snare in the bass drum mic, etc.

If you set the "studio" to the dryest setting,(the beach) this reduces bleed to minimal levels. As go up in "rooms" that add more reverb, the bleed gets worse and worse, to the point in the "stadium" setting" that eventually everything is coming out of every input.