Roland SPDS-isolating a click track


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Is there any way to isolate a click to come through the headphones alone? I perform live using the module, and it would be nice to hear only a click in the phones. I have thought about maybe separating a click all the way to the right or left, and sending the samples/loops out the other side, but then the samples may only come out of one side of the house? HELP anyone?


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Re: New member with ???'s on Roland SPDS

I've been playing drums for a long time and I've recently purchased the spds. I'm comfortable with making phrases (intro, verse, bridge, etc.), but I'm trying to understand how to use the spds to construct an entire song (performance track) I can play along with.

Do I have to trigger each phrase of the song or can I somehow piece the phrases together to produce a complete track I can play along with?


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I've also heard of using one channel for click, the other for samples. You're right in thinking it'd come out one side of the house but split into mono before it goes to the board.