Roland SPD-S. What foot pedals to use?


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Greeting drum-heads.

I own a Roland SPD-S. I am interested in putting the foot pedal jack to use and invest in a pedal. What brand and kind do you think I should use? I don't even know where to begin when shopping for one.Can they can be used in a bass drum style (single strokes) and in a hi-hat style (holding down the pedal).
Thanks for the help.


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So what if you want to use a KD-7 for kick sounds AND a PD-8 for auxilary snare/percussion sounds? How would you configure the inputs?


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The manual has all the information you need on this. It's a bit lengthy to describe it here but start on page 17. Also the Roland website has a bunch of articles on SPD-S setup including how to use a hi hat controller. Go to Roland-> Support and register (free). The Knowledge Base has the articles