Roland SPD 30 MIDI issues


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Hi Guys, first post here.... I have been using my SPD 30 as a trigger for the drum kits in Logic X for ages with zero problems, until last week. I had been tracking a tune and was using a Novation keyboard, same one forever, and had just switched the MIDI cable form the keyboard to the SPD 30. Also done this countless times, however this time, there were just some odd percussion sounds coming off the pads.
Looking at he SPD30 I noticed that my "Dubstep" patch that I had always used to my drum triggers,, I think it was #51, had changed itself to "Tutorial" and no matter what other drum kits I switched to, it was the same latin percussion sounds. Checked all my MIDI set up on both Logic and the SPD30 but appeared to be normal, through the phone output, the origanl sounds are still there, save for the " Tutorial" being where the "Dubstep" used to be. This was the patch that I used to trigger my Logic sounds. Logic patches didn't change either, a Indie live kit or Headbanger sounded like the same percussion patch. I reinstalled the SPD MIDI driver on my mac and tried that, now all I get is a low volume ping out of all of the pads...
Probably all out at sea with this, or off on a totally wrong tangent....any ideas...?