roland RMP 5


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i was looking at possibly getting one of these but am unsure of the worth whileness of it (if that makes sense). Mainly looking for it to help me with my hand speed and accuracy. I found it for about $160 so its a bit of savings from the original $250 but not sure if i should get it or not. Also saw the beatnik rhythm analyzer, is this any good? thanks all!


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I have the older model RMP3 mate. It was a bit of fun for the first 15 it sits on the shelf gathering dust. Although I don't have extensive experience with the 5, I did check one out a while ago.There's little doubt the RMP5 is a better model and some of the upgrades are a lot more advanced (the ability to get a sound remotely like a snare drum being the best upgrade). I wrote a little review for another poster just after testing it out, if you can find that.

Opinion only here, but all in all, I think you're better off with a practice pad and metronome for about 1/10th of the cost. That said, have a play around on one and see what you think.


I use the RMP-5 and the Beatnik as part of my regular practice routine and find them both to be great tools albeit with distinct strengths and weaknesses.Both have all of the usual metronome functions but if that is all you use them for then you can get a much cheaper solution with a regular metronome and a practice pad.

For me the most useful feature is the accuracy check where you set up a beat and tempo and then you get feedback about how close you are to being on the beat. Obviously, you can use this to improve accuracy but I use this feature to develop sticking skills and speed. For example, I can pick a rudiment like a single paradiddle and set the RMP-5/Beatnik to a very slow tempo where I can play with an accuracy of, say, at least 90%. I then gradually increase the tempo to find the tempo at which my accuracy drops below 90%. I then practice at that tempo until I get above 90% and move the tempo up slightly. Repeating this process allows me to get to my desired tempo while maintaining accuracy.

If you follow this process the results are quite revealing. It's easy to identify points where you need to significantly improve technique because you get stuck at a particular tempo. You then see the breakthrough.

As far as choosing between the Beatnik and the RMP-5 is concerned one major difference is that the RMP-5 comes with a mesh head which has a very nice feel and it has simulated drum sounds if you plug in the headphone. The Beatnik feels more like a regular practice pad and has no integrated drum sounds. The Beatnik's analysis is much more sophisticated. It has the ability to give you an accuracy readout in real time and then a graphical analysis of the distribution your hits in time and also in strength. For this reason I find the Beatnik more useful.

I hope that helps!