Roland GO:Mixer to record performances for a Rockschool exam?


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Hi I've been advised to get the Roland GO:Mixer in order to record performances for a Rockschool exam. I think the Roland GO:Mixer is used with your smartphone to get both the audio and video. The Roland GO:Mixer along with other equipment that comes from China I think has been in short supply because of everything that's happened. Apparently one might be available towards the end of July although others may beat me to it if supply doesn't meet a waiting demand but I'm going to hopefully try to not lose too much sleep over that - I will only get really involved in a 'rat race' if I had little or no choice although you can still try to be reasonably well organised well in advance. One place told me they have backorders for 100s of 17 KVXs.

Anyway the Roland GO:Mixer would be used with my 27 KV if I managed to get a Roland GO:Mixer. I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the Roland GO:Mixer and any experiences with it and also possibly with regards to how I intend to use it? It's not equipment I've ever had any experience with so I'm not sure about any other similar equipment makes etc that may be better generally speaking?

Any thoughts / info would be very much appreciated.
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My recommendation for any product like this:

1: Download the Operators Manual and read it in advance.
2: Watch any tutorials and expositions on Youtube now that you've read the manual.
3: Prepare and rehearse the rest of the workflow.


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There are several audio interfaces available for iphones and ipads: i-Rig, Rode, Tascam, etc. The Roland has more connections, hence the word ’mix’ in the name, but if you’re just recording an e-kit you only need one stereo input.

So it looks like any of these would do. BUT I’ve never used one, so get some more opinions first, or try some in a shop. (Apple dealer?)


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Ah ok no worries. I could check out the manual if I can view it as well as watching some tutorials and expositions on Youtube all of which should keep me busy for a bit as well as being a sensible suggestion and I really appreciate that so thank you very much. In terms of preparing and rehearsing the rest of the workflow is that in reference to the tracks I've been on with? If so I have been putting in a fair bit of practice there and will need to continue until I have the footage at least for the current grade.

I've heard about phone interfaces recently and they were suggested instead of an amp which was my initial thought when trying to achieve what I'm trying to do but I thank you for your info and help and again I very much appreciate that. I don't know if I need a phone interface as well as the Roland GO:Mixer or if one comes with the Roland GO:Mixer as part of the package or does it all in one? Maybe not though and if so something else I'd have to check out. I have an android smartphone so maybe some specific Apple phone interfaces wouldn't work for me? I do have an Apple laptop though saying that so maybe there could be something there instead of my smartphone? Not sure if you would need a webcam for that although that seems quite old hat these days possibly and not something I've checked out for some time. Either way I'll need to hopefully figure the bulk of it out. Thank you once again.