Roland FD-8 hi-hat controller volume fix


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I thought I would share this fix for the FD-8. It is notorious for having a very low volume chick/splash sound. They may have since fixed the issue but the older ones are a real problem. Adjusting the setting in the module does not help. Luckily it's really easy to fix. First, take out the screws (bottom) that hold the plastic cover on. Lift the cover and you'll see a film variable resistor attached to a ribbon cable. All you need is a little self-adhesive rubber or felt foot like you'd find under a jewellery box or similar. Stick that at the top of the resistor strip, put the pedal back together and boom, instant loud chick. It seems that the extra pressure on the resistor is what is needed to get it to zero which is what triggers a loud chick sound. Hopefully this will save some of you some aggravation.

I've included a picture from another site where I found the fix. Thanks to vSteve at the vdrums forum.


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Do you remember the resistance your pedal had? My pedal is maxing out at 65kΩ and it only registers on half of the length of the strip. See attached image for clarification. Will try your method and see if the sensitivity gets better. Thanks!


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Thanks for sharing! I have a different brand pedal, which works fine, but I always wondered how they make the various sounds, because finding the half-open is so tricky. Am I right that on this picture the heel would be on the left? Mine has 4 separate rectangles, no idea what each represents, but now I feel like opening it up again...