Roland CY-8 cymbal problem!


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Hey guys.

I recently bought a Roland CY-8 cymbal to replace my old unknown one. So yesterday I attached my new Roland Cymbal to my drum kit, and I immediately figured out a major problem. The cymbal works great on its own, but when I hit the cymbal simultaneously with any other pad, the cymbal wont register a hit. (The Kick Pedal being the worst case, as the cymbal almost never registers a hit simultaneous with the Bass)

I tried adjusting the sensitivity, as well as crosstalk, but I can't seem to figure out the problem. My old unknown Cymbal didn't have the same problem, so I guess my Module is not causing the problem? I've got the Yamaha DTXPress IV by the way.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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I used to have a Roland electronic drum kit which used those cymbal pads - I'm no techno buff and the only thing I can suggest is quite basic but you never know...

Check you are using a stereo lead with the pad, (2 black rings around the tip of the jacks), if you're just using a mono lead the pad won't allow cymbal chokes and it might have an affect on the triggering in general seeing as you're not using it with a Roland brain.