Rogers Powertone snare ?

i just picked up a Rogers Powertone snare on a Craigslist deal. its a 14"x5" 8 lug. i was told its chrome over brass? the badge looks like the 1961-68/69 style. the condition is very good. chrome is very nice. all hardware looks original (throw,butt, muffle,ect...) also has a Rogers sticker on the inside No. 28529. paper tag on inside reads Fullerton Calif.
is this a c.o.b.? does this drum have any value? i paid $120

thanks John Burdine
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Yes,they are chrome over brass.Great sounding drums! My roommate has one. I think a Fullerton tag will make it post '67 but I am not sure. I will let an expert handle that. :)

I don't know what they are going for but I am positive that is a VERY good deal.


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You just bought a Rogers late 60's/ 70's COB snare.
Pics would be nice. :)
They don't have a super high value but they are real nice drums.
How does it sound?
What condition is it in?
The prof is in the pudding as they say.