Rogers holiday restore


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My father in law is moving to Florida and wants me to "babysit" his Holiday set he bought new in the 50's ..its all there including hardware.. there's also a zildjian 20" ride and set of 15" hats (all 3 are on thin side) bought at the same time..(orgasmic).. I will post some pics of the restore which for the most part is just a good cleaning and head change.. I threw the 8 lug snare on my set, it still had the original heads and wires.. after 2 minutes of playing I realized I was playing a very special was still perfectly tuned.. I have owned about a hundred snares in the past ten years and this topped them all. I don't know if its due to the Jasper shell or the tall rims or the acoustics of my new basement. .but Now I see why they fetch such a high price, its more then a collectible its a great drum.. cant wait to get a batter on the bass next...
Any advise on cleaning would be appreciated, there is many years of storage grime (white powdery build-up on inside of screws and muffles.. cymbals have black marks/staining and 55+ years of patina.. don't want to touch them though..


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Need some pics to identify lugs. If the purchase date is accurate, then the drums will have Bread and Butter lugs. And the level of care and caution should increase exponentially. These lugs are drawn brass and will not hold high tension. They will crack. The snare lugs will most definitely crack if cranked up to modern tension levels. There are some fixes for these lugs that involve reinforcing with epoxy putte. And I am currently working on a new fix that is still somewhat experimental. If you disassemble these drums be very careful taking the lug fasteners out, and reassembling. The brass tags are easy to break due to overtightening the 10-24 round head screws.

If those drums are from the early beavertail ear, there are also disassembly concerns, but the lugs are good for tension.