Rogers Dynasonic Setup

I recently got a late 60s Rogers Dynasonic COB, and my initial gut-instinct setup turned out to be pretty good. I'm using a Diplomat Coated over a Hazy. I cranked the bottom head really tight, tightened the snares until they didn't rattle (actually, pretty tight), and brought them up so they just kissed the head. The top is tuned to an upper mid/lower high tightness. I didn't go for any particular pitches on either head. With this setup, I get snare action even when I barely touch the top, but it doesn't sound choked.

Anyone else work with a Dynasonic? What setup works for you?


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My setup is about the same as yours.
The coated Diplomat was the standard head. When you store it, turn it so the snare frame rests on the head. That way you won't stretch the frame strings.

chris J

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I also have a COB mid 60's Dynasonic.
I use the same heads:
batter: Coated Diplomat
snare side: Evans 300
snares are Puresound Dynasonic as the originals were falling apart.

with the snare assembly dropped, the snare wires should be just tight enough to vibrate when you strum them

It's very nice sounding drum, never get rid of it.



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My opinion is the Dynasonic is the best sounding snare drum just ahead of the Ludwig super sensistive?


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I have played both the Rogers and Ludwig SS. I preferred the Ludwig if you are comparing the two. I would say that the Roger drum was more intended for set playing, whereas the Ludwig was big in the concert band/orchestra scene at the time, since they did not have the cable snare concert drums of today. For set drumming, I would pay the Rogers. For more of a Jazz or band/orchestral drum, the Ludwig.

As a side note, Ludwig really missed the boat in the band/orchestral market by not keeping up and adding a cable and wire combo to the SS sensitive setup It would make a competitive concert snare with just some tweaking.


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I have a Evans G1 and a Hazy 300 on my Dynasonic..still have the original snares. Awesome snare drum.